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Man arrested in connection with deadly game room shooting

Two men died after being shot inside a Dallas game room earlier this month, authorities say.
Credit: Dallas County Jail
William Walker

DALLAS — Police arrested a second suspect who they believe is connected with a deadly game room shooting in Dallas. 

William Walker, 34, was arrested on Friday and booked in jail on a capital murder charge, according to officials. 

Authorities believe Walker and Deangelo Johns, 22, are responsible for killing two men on August 15 near the 4018 block of Urban Avenue. 

Dominic Cortez and Mark Noriega died after being shot inside the game room, officials say. 

Detectives were able to identify the suspects after reviewing surveillance video and receiving tips from multiple people, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit.   

According to police, surveillance video showed Johns and Walker at the game room during the same time the shooting occurred. 

Credit: Dallas police
Dallas police seek help identifying shooting suspects

Police say the video showed Johns and Walker enter the game room through the back door. Almost immediately after entering, Johns pulled out a gun, authorities say. 

At that point, the two suspects began fighting with Cortez and shot him multiple times, the arrest-warrant affidavit states. 

Authorities say Noriega then grabbed a gun from behind the counter and opened fire. 

One of the suspects, Johns, tackled Noriega and took away the gun. He then shot Noriega, police say. 

Police say video then showed Johns take a bag from the counter and also search the pockets of Cortez. 

Cortez died at the scene. Noriega was transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police say. 

Surveillance video showed Johns and Walker flee the game room and leave the scene in the gray Nissan, the arrest-warrant affidavit states. 

Authorities say they spoke to a witness who gave a similar account to what the surveillance video showed, the arrest-warrant affidavit states. 

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The day after the shooting, police say they received multiple tips after releasing photos of the suspects to the public. 

Officers say they were able to identify Johns and Walker through multiple data bases and driver’s license photos.  

Johns was arrested on August 18 in connection with the shooting deaths. 

Both suspects are being held in jail on a capital murder charge. 

Credit: WFAA
Deangelo Johns

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