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Weather Minds on WFAA | Dallas, TX

What is WeatherMinds?

Explore News 8 WxMinds: Weather sparks the inner curiosity in everyone. The News 8 Weather team's mission is to explore North Texas weather and help you better understand the moments that play a crucial role in our lives each day.

The combined brain power of the WFAA meteorologists, Pete Delkus, Greg Fields, Jesse Hawila, Kyle Roberts, and Kalee Dionne, create The News 8 WeatherMinds. The station campaign began in 2000 as a fun, informative way to educate and equip North Texas school children with fun, fact-filled weather wisdom.

The WeatherMinds team visits local schools every month to empower that inner weather enthusiasm about the math and science of forecasting weather. WeatherMinds also takes the campaign a step further by providing North Texas viewers with educational pertinent user-friendly seasonal weather vignettes you can watch below.

Want WeatherMinds to visit your school? CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

WFAA Weather Minds - High Pressure Systems

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