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What is WeatherMinds?

Explore News 8 WxMinds: Weather sparks the inner curiosity in everyone. The News 8 Weather team's mission is to explore North Texas weather and help you better understand the moments that play a crucial role in our lives each day.

The combined brain power of the WFAA meteorologists, Pete Delkus, Greg Fields, Jesse Hawila, Kyle Roberts, and Kalee Dionne, create The News 8 WeatherMinds. The station campaign began in 2000 as a fun, informative way to educate and equip North Texas school children with fun, fact-filled weather wisdom.

The WeatherMinds team visits local schools every month to empower that inner weather enthusiasm about the math and science of forecasting weather. WeatherMinds also takes the campaign a step further by providing North Texas viewers with educational pertinent user-friendly seasonal weather vignettes you can watch below.

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WFAA Weather Minds - High Pressure Systems

The Weatherminds Program

Thank you for your interest in the WFAA, Channel 8 Weatherminds program. This program offers area schools the opportunity to have one of our Weatherminds personalities visit their school and talk with students about weather during normal school hours. Our Weatherminds personalities include Pete Delkus, Greg Fields, Jesse Hawila, Kyle Roberts, and Kalee Dionne.

During their visit, our meteorologist will talk to the students about how weather occurs, explain various forecasting terms and encourage the students to share questions. The Weatherminds presentations usually last approximately one hour. We encourage teachers to take digital pictures of the Weatherminds visit and send them to Anita Moss by the end of the same day. We would like to include a picture or two in the Weatherminds mention during the next newscast your meteorologist will be on the air following your visit. We also encourage you to upload your pictures to

Please note that due to the complexity of the presentation material, we only offer Weatherminds presentations to first grade through high school students. All Weatherminds requests must be submitted at least two months prior to the time you are requesting a visit. Due to the daily schedule of our weather team, we must limit our visits to schools that are no more than an hour away in driving distance from the WFAA studios in Downtown Dallas.

Due to the large number of schools requesting a visit as part of our Weatherminds program, we are only able to schedule one Weatherminds visit per school, once every other school year. Please be advised that if there is a severe weather situation, our meteorologists may be required to work in the WFAA Weather Center and may not be able to make their scheduled appearance. Although this occurrence is rare, we want you to be aware of the possibility and we suggest that you have an alternate plan in place should this arise. If this situation should occur, we will make every effort to reschedule your Weatherminds visit as soon as possible.

Please complete the request form below. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to visiting your school!

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