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The 'Leaning Tower of Dallas' still stands after crews worked to bring it down Monday

Wrecking crews used a 5,600-pound wrecking ball to start demolishing the structure.

DALLAS — This story has been updated throughout. 

Efforts to demolish the so-called "Leaning Tower of Dallas" started Monday morning, but the tower still stands.

Wrecking crews used a 5,600-pound wrecking ball to start demolishing the structure. Crews will start the destruction at the top of the tower and then work their way down over the course of three to four days, according to Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC.

"That wrecking ball is adequate for the top-down, piecemeal way it is being used today," engineer Stan Caldwell told WFAA Monday. He's not affiliated with this demolition, but he has worked in the structural engineering field for nearly 50 years.

"Though not very dramatic or speedy, it is a safe approach to bringing down the remaining elevator and stairwell shaft. Safety is even more important this week, given the strong gusty winds," Caldwell said.

WFAA will livestream the entire demolition process. 

The 11-story tower in Uptown was supposed to be completely demolished during an implosion on Feb. 16, but the building didn't entirely collapse.  

A core shaft that contained the elevator and stairwells was left standing 

And the "Leaning Tower of Dallas" became an instant hit across the metroplex.

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People have flocked to the scene to take creative pictures with Dallas's version of Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa. T-shirts were created. An online petition was even written up to save the structure.

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But Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC, announced on Friday it all had to come to an end. 

The company had secured a crane to remove the remainder of the tower, which started Monday.

"The wrecking ball will start on the north side of the building and will move to the west," spokesperson Missy Wyszynski said Sunday afternoon. "The crane is currently set up."

Once the tower goes down, work will begin on The Central, a $2.5 billion development made up of residential, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and retail space across 5 million square feet. 

“Anything that makes people happy, makes people feel good, will be a part of this project,” Developer Artemio De La Vega said. “Dallas deserves first-class and that’s our mission, our mission is to deliver first-class to the citizens of Dallas.”

Below is a gallery of several renderings of the planned development. 

De La Vega says once the tower is torn down they will make some type of art exhibit in the new development that will showcase the much talked about leaning tower.

If you want to have your photos or artwork featured in a future gallery space, just post them to Instagram using #LeaningTowerofDallas and tag The Central's account, @DiscoverTheCentral. 

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