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3 years later: Police release new video showing missing Mesquite woman Prisma Reyes

Prisma Reyes disappeared three years ago this week. Detectives hope new leads will come in to help them solve the case.

DALLAS — In April 2019, 26-year-old Prisma Reyes vanished

"I just don’t see how, and I said it before, how someone could just disappear like smoke in the wind," said Dan Fuchs, Reyes' step-father. 

Fuchs said just before she disappeared, Reyes called a bunch of people she knew.

"She was confused. She didn’t know what was going on. She thought she was talking to one person, but she was actually talking to someone else," said Fuchs. 

Mesquite Police Detective Dustin Barrett has been on the case since the beginning when his department got a 911 call from Reyes' babysitter, who said she hadn’t picked up her little boy. That triggered a missing person’s report, Barrett said.  

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Barrett walked WFAA through the videos from the day Reyes disappeared. She was last seen in Dallas at the E-Bar Tex-Mex restaurant, located in the 1900 block of Haskell Avenue. She was with her ex-boyfriend while on a lunch break from her job from a car dealership in Mesquite.

"We have them on camera during that. He leaves and she goes back inside the E-Bar, " said Barrett.  

Reyes stayed for another three hours, until the bartender refused to serve her any more drinks, which reportedly upset her.  

She got in her white jeep, and phone records tracked her initially heading back to Mesquite but then turning around and going back to Dallas.

Barrett said Reyes then got into a road rage incident. 

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According to a Dallas police report, three witnesses said a woman in a white jeep pointed a gun at them. They got her license plate number and called police. 

The next video shows Reyes arriving at the Olympus on Ross Apartments, now called Macallan on Ross, where her ex-boyfriend that she was having lunch with lived.

"So she runs through the gate and then goes to stand by the elevator. We spoke to everyone on her phone records list that she called leading up to her disappearance, and all of them tell us she sounds upset," said Barrett.

The next videos police showed WFAA were new. It's hard to see, but you can tell Reyes is in one of the videos wearing a red shirt.

"So she kind of stumbles out of the view of the camera, and nothing else is captured there," said Barrett. 

She just vanished and was never seen again.

"The closure we don’t have is we just don’t have anything. She walked out, vaporized and disappeared. We don’t have any clues or nothing," said Fuchs.

Dallas police found her white jeep where she left it parked inside the garage, and the gun she reportedly displayed in the road rage incident was found. 

"The handgun was still in the jeep, so she was in a hurry. She jumped out and didn’t grab it," said Fuchs. 

Fuchs said Reyes bought the gun for protection.

”She had felt she was being followed, like stalked or followed, or something like that. So, she bought it for herself for her birthday.” 

Police said they have ruled out everyone she talked to that day as suspects, including her ex-boyfriend. She never used her phone or her debit or credit cards after that day.

So what do police think happened? 

”It could be human trafficking. It could be she stumbled and met the wrong person. If you leave that complex and walk a couple of blocks in any direction, she would have walked into an area that is not safe for her," said Barrett.

While her case has made national headlines and police have exhaustively searched for her, there are no new leads or clues. Independent forensic analysts are going through all the videos again to see if they missed something -- hoping that one leads to the one tip that will help find her.

Meanwhile, Fuchs isn’t giving up hope.

"In my heart, until it is proven differently without a doubt, I feel she is still here," said Fuchs. 

He wants people to remember Reyes as the National Guard soldier, the daughter and the mom who loved her son and would do anything for him.

"That boy needs to know where his mother is and what happened to her, to his mother. He deserves all the answers," said Fuchs.

Anyone with information should contact the Mesquite Police Department.

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