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'My heart breaks for these senseless crimes': Wife of road rage victim hopes for change after 2 killings in less than a week

Dallas Police are adding more officers to patrol highways after increase in road rage killings.

DALLAS — Dallas police say there have been two deadly road rage incidents in the past week, and they occurred just miles apart on North Central Expressway. 

The latest victim was a father, who was shot and killed in front of his 15-year-old son. The son also was shot in the leg. 

Police said the incident began when the suspect started tailgating the victim.

”My heart breaks for the senseless crimes that destroy people’s lives,” said Christina Murzin.

Murzin knows the hurt all too well. Her husband was killed in a road rage incident on Feb.11, 2021, at Interstate 20 near Polk. 

The shooter’s silver SUV was caught on camera, but the suspect has not been caught. 

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”There is just no reason or justification for anyone to kill anybody, especially driving on the highway,” said Murzin.

The Dallas Police Department is adding more patrol officers on Central Expressway. 

”Hopefully if they see us out there, more visibility will help prevent and cause people to take a moment,” said Executive Chief Albert Martinez, with the Dallas Police Department.

The department put out public service announcements early this year, telling people how to avoid being a victim but not engaging other drivers in the heat of the moment, after a rash of road rage killings.

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Murzin is also pleading with people to calm down. 

”Try to de-escalate an event that could lead to another murder,” said Murzin.

Dallas police said it’s about to get even more aggressive by putting undercover vehicles on highways looking for aggressive drivers and teaming up with other agencies for more manpower.

”Our citizens, our residents and neighbors will see we are out there in force and they will see we are much more aggressive in our enforcement not only on road rage but DWI,” said Chief Martinez.

Dallas police said the best way to stay safe is avoid tailgating, excessive honking and aggressive driving. In other words, take the high road because it could save your life.

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