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'Tu voto es su vos': 'Hey Chica' voting drive encourages Latinas to get out the vote

Dallas County Latina leaders are hosting voting drives to encourage Latinas to vote.

Latina voters are mobilizing like never before.

"Latinas are going to be one of the loudest voices in this election,” said Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia.

Dallas County Latina leaders organized a get out the vote drive this week called “Hey Chica."

"Hey Chica, come on out and vote. Tu voto es su vos. Come and be counted,” Garcia said.

Isis Rojas voted for the first time this election.

"It felt exciting,” Rojas said.

She comes from a family of immigrants, and she is the first one eligible to vote.

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"They are proud knowing that my vote was going to count towards our future,” said Rojas.

So far 18 percent of all those who have early voted in Texas are Latino, but organizers of Hey Chica say that number needs to be higher.

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"We are encouraged right now but we want to encourage them even more and want to push them even higher,” said voter Alex Guio.

The pandemic is driving many Latinos to the polls.

Latinos have been particularly hit hard by COVID-19. Not only is the infection rate high, but hundreds of thousands of them have lost their jobs.

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“Latinos are essential workers and this pandemic has affected Latino families hard,” said Garcia.

A poll by the University of Houston found that 73 percent of Texas Latino voters disapprove of President Trump’s handling of the pandemic and want their voices heard.

"Women have been deciding elections for a long time but in this election I think we are going to see a high increase in Latina women voting and that's what this is about,” Garcia said.

The group says they will host more rallies until Election Day.

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