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'She's one of the bravest people I ever met': Fort Worth police officers recall harrowing rescue of kidnapped 8-year-old girl

Fort Worth officers say they were determined to find a little girl who was kidnapped on a residential street while walking with her mother six months ago.

Six months ago in Fort Worth, an entire police department and city mobilized to find an 8-year-old girl who had been kidnapped while walking with her mom on a residential street. 

And now we are hearing from some of the officers who helped rescue her.

"That little girl needed help, and that's what we're here for," said Fort Worth police Officer Dutch Rovell.

Newly-released body camera footage from that night shows the moments that Fort Worth officers responded to a hotel in Forest Hill. 

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Rovell, 24, has been a patrol officer for just two years. He said that night, he and his partner volunteered to stay late in order to help with the search for the girl.

He was one of the first on the scene, finding a car that matched the description of the vehicle the girl was taken in. He quickly contacted hotel officials to determine what room the driver was staying in.

"Once I made the decision to go into the hotel, everything got very serious for me," Rovell said, knowing in this situation, seconds matter.

Corporal Jay Young, a 17-year veteran of the force, also responded to the scene. He was off that day, but he decided to come in when he got the call.

"I literally got off the couch, watching a movie with my two boys, and went to assist with the search," Young said.  

Bodycam video shows Young outside the hotel room, preparing to breach the door. As he shouts, Michael Webb answers the door. Officers quickly take custody of him and rush into the room.

Webb would later be sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping the girl.

"As soon as the door came open, it was kind of a mad dash for everyone to get in there," said Rovell.  

"Find her. That was it. She's got to be here," said Young, describing his mindset.

They found the girl hiding under some clothes in a laundry bin. When an officer noticed something moving there, the girl emerged.

Young quickly took her and carried her to a police vehicle outside. He can be heard comforting her on the tape, assuring her it's OK. 

But he said in the moment, the composed 8-year-old girl actually comforted him.

"She ended up patting me on the shoulder and telling me that she was OK," Young said. "She was a brave little girl."

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