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Mom ‘filled with joy,’ announces daughter Tinslee Lewis is home after years-long legal fight to keep her on life support

Tinslee Lewis was hospitalized at Cook Children's Medical Center since birth. After years of legal battle to keep her alive, her mom said she went home this week.

FORT WORTH, Texas — A fight that started for Tinslee Lewis in 2019 has taken a seemingly miraculous turn. She's a Fort Worth toddler who was born premature with a rare heart condition. Tinslee is now 3 years old. 

The child was hospitalized since birth at Cook Children's Medical Center. In the past, the hospital said Tinslee wouldn't be able to survive without medical intervention.

This week, her mother, Trinity Lewis, posted on Facebook that her daughter is discharged from the hospital and home. 

She wrote, "I’m sorry but I can’t hold it in any longer today my baby came home and I’m filled with joy and emotions right now." 

She goes on to say, "She's doing so good." 

When Tinslee was around 10 months old, a hospital ethics committee authorized removal of her life-sustaining treatment. It stems from the Texas Advance Directives Act and the 10-Day Rule. Doctors can end treatment 10 days after notifying the family, even if it goes against their wishes.

Lewis never stopped fighting for her daughter. The case went to court for several years with her mother's efforts to keep Tinslee alive. 

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There was much controversy with the case, but Lewis received support from many, including her lawyers and an organization called Texas Right To Life.

Kimberlyn Schwartz, director of media and communication of Texas Right To Life, said Tinslee's case is an example of why parents should have the ability to choose.

"If this law had come to its logical conclusion that it was supposed to end in, Tinsley would have died 880 days ago," Schwartz said. "It can end in victory like it did for Tinslee." 

She compliments Lewis, calling her a "brave mom".

While this has been a legal battle between Tinslee's mom and Cook Children's Medical Center, her Facebook post also thanks the hospital. 

She wrote, "THANK YOU Cooks Children for also supporting me and doing everything y’all can to help keep my baby here I appreciate everything y’all have done truly !!!!"

In a statement, the hospital said, "The medical teams at Cook Children’s have dedicated their lives to healing children, and go to tireless lengths to do what they believe in their hearts and minds to be the very best decision for each and every patient."

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Tinslee's mom wrote that her daughter is doing well, but it is unclear her medical condition now that she is home. 

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