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Man accused in kidnapping of Shavon Randle gave hours of interviews to FBI

In court Monday, prosecutors played audio of an FBI interview with Desmond Jones where he admits being the lookout when Randle was taken

DALLAS — Updated at 8:54 a.m. Tuesday to show the trial has resumed. 

Jurors on Monday listened to hours of interviews given to the FBI by a man accused in the kidnapping of 13-year-old Shavon Randle. 

The trial for 24-year-old Desmond Jones began this week. Jurors heard Jones tell FBI investigators how the girl was kidnapped in June 2017

Prosecutors say the kidnapping was fueled by stolen drugs, money and revenge.

Shavon went missing in June 2017 from her aunt’s home in Lancaster. She was found dead days later in an abandoned house in Oak Cliff. 

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Prosecutor Jennifer Falk said Shavon was kidnapped in retaliation over $250,000 worth of marijuana. 

She said Shavon died for no reason.

"You are going to learn she was run out of the home, she was put in the back of the car, that she had her hands bound behind her,” Falk said.

Jones is the first of multiple suspects to go on trial in Dallas County in connection with Shavon's disappearance and death. No one has been charged with murder in Shavon's death. 

In court Monday, prosecutors played audio of an FBI interview with Jones where he admits to being the lookout when Randle was taken from her aunt's Lancaster home. 

“They put like a thing over her face,” Jones says in the audio. 

“Like a bag or a blindfold?” asked FBI special agent Mike Mahan.

“A pillowcase,” Jones said.

Prosecutors say Jones led the FBI to her body and to the body of Michael Titus, Randle's cousin. Investigators believe Titus stole close to a quarter of a million dollars from Jones and his gang, and they wanted revenge.

“They want their dope back. Either the dope or the money or something bad is going to happen,” Falk said.

Falk said the kidnappers made a call to Randle’s family that said, “Give us our [expletive] or we will kill the girl."

Jones told investigators he was in the home when Randle was killed and heard the gunshots but didn't see it happen. He said she was killed after she saw one of the suspect's faces.

If convicted, Jones faces up to life in prison. 

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