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Tense moments as FBI search home where Shavon Randle was found

There were tense moments as a large crowd gathered outside the home where Shavon Randle and Michael Titus were found. 

There were tense moments as a large crowd gathered outside the home where Shavon Randle and Michael Titus were found. Residents were eager to find out what was going on.

"Ya'll doing ya'lls job, but this is where we live,” shouted a protester.

Rumors swirled as people began going live on Facebook and falsely saying that there was a body found in the home.

The Dallas District Attorney had to hold a news conference to calm the community. Nobody was found at the scene.

Investigators were simply running a routine warrant to gather more evidence.

“They can trust us that we are going to vigorously and aggressively pursue any defendant and any perpetrator in any case in this office,” said District Attorney Faith Johnson.

The murders of Shavon Randle and Michael Titus brought national attention.

Randle, who was 13 years old, was kidnapped and held for ransom then brutally murdered. Police say she was the innocent victim in a scheme involving money, robbery and drugs.

"This is somebody's kid, and I have no kids for myself. I can just imagine about the family and what the family is going through. It's sad. It's sad,” said Dallas resident Zelda Brewster.

People in the community have been trespassing the abandoned home and posting on social media, so some questioned why authorities were still gathering evidence.

The district attorney says it's common to do so and says they will often go back out to a crime scene several times to get what they need to prosecute the case.

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