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Man adjusting Christmas lights helps catch person breaking into car, Frisco police say

Colin Nelson said he chased someone he saw breaking into a neighbor's car. That person unknowingly ran straight toward police.
Credit: WFAA

FRISCO, Texas — A Frisco man adjusting Christmas lights helped police catch a young male breaking into a neighbor's car, police say.

It happened at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday on Amber Valley Drive.

Colin Nelson said he was standing in his front yard when he saw two young males walking on the sidewalk directly across the street from his house. He said that's when he saw the young men approach his neighbor Tom Cannon's car. 

“It looks like they’re basically looking into the car, and I realize they’re actually inside of it," Nelson said.

Video from Cannon’s Nest doorbell camera shows one of the young men opening an unlocked car door.

“[I was] just shocked it was happening at 5:30...  in the afternoon on a Sunday with people out,” Cannon said. “Thankfully, [Nelson] was next door.”

Nelson chased one of the young men down the street. He said Frisco police officers were already parked at the end of his block on an unrelated call.

Once Frisco police took over, Nelson walked back to Cannon’s house. That’s when the second person emerged from behind the house. Nelson chased him toward different officers.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Nelson said. “The gumption of this kid to come right back to the scene after he had just tried to get in.”

Frisco police confirmed to WFAA that an arrest was made, but no other details were released.

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