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The story behind Dallas' only 24/7 pizza delivery business

Old Hag's Pizza and Pasta says it's busiest hours happen well after the sun goes down.

DALLAS — Forget about the lunch rush at Old Hag's Pizza and Pasta in Oak Cliff, owner Michael Lindsey says. It's really after midnight when business picks up. 

"That's when our kitchen is just buzzing along," Lindsey said.

The tiny pizzeria has had a huge footprint across Dallas-Fort Worth ever since Lindsey decided to extend the restaurant's hours to become 24/7 while offering delivery up to 30 miles away. 

"I realized nobody else was doing this and thought 'Why not?'" Lindsey said. 

The response has been overwhelming, and it takes a whole team to keep up with the demand. Old Hag's has multiple delivery drivers on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. 

That's right, they're even open on the holidays. In fact, Lindsey said Christmas was one of their busiest days of 2019. 

The restaurant is family-owned and operated. Lindsey runs it alongside his brother Ryan and sister Kerry. Even the name "Old Hag's" is inspired by family. 

"Well, it's actually my mom's nickname, and people think that's so funny. But our logo is a cartoon of her, and she just loves it," Lindsey said. 

And Old Hag's delivers more than just pizza. They also offer homemade pastas and Blue Bell ice cream for hungry Dallas-Fort Worth residents. 

Lindsey said their ingredients are all fresh, like their grated cheese, all-beef pepperoni and homemade sauce.

"My pledge is nothing can be generic," Lindsey said.

Be aware, though, they do make customers prepay in the overnight hours because of a certain issue they kept running into. 

"Those early morning hours a lot of people will fall asleep after they call us. We get it, no judgement," Lindsey said.

So, next time you have a hankering for pizza when the sun is just coming up, you know who to call to get your fix. Just make sure you can pay in advance.

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