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When is the average last 100-degree day of the year in DFW?

Historically speaking, we're almost to the average end of 100-degree summertime heat here in North Texas. But... are we really?

DALLAS — Editor's note: The video at the top of this article originally ran on July 14, 2022.

Now that we're firmly entrenched in August, it's clear: This year's summer is keeping up pace with some of the hottest we've ever seen on record in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Already as of Friday, we've seen a full 41 100-degree days this year -- and while we had a pretty decent sense that this summer might be pretty darn hot, not one of us meteorologists here at WFAA could've guessed that it'd be this hot for this long.

So let's take the guess-work out of it then, shall we?

Let's just get to the answers. Historically speaking, how long do we have to deal with 100-degree temps in North Texas?

We ran the numbers to see.

When, oh when, will it end?

Like I said: This has been a historic summer for North Texas. 

We've already had over 41 100-degree days so far in 2022, and we're just now entering the hottest part of an average summer. 

Credit: WFAA

And that's pretty frightening to think about, right? Well, yes and no.

If we look back in the record books, we find that the average last 100-degree day at DFW Airport is August 26.  

So we only have less than a month left of 100-degree days then.


Credit: WFAA

Not so fast...

The thing is, historically hot summers like this one don't necessarily follow the rules. 

Looking at long-range forecasts, and given the horrible ongoing drought in North Texas, the odds of seeing triple-digit days past August 26 average is substantially higher than normal. 

That's because the bone-dry ground is a lot easier to heat up than it normally would be. 

So, hang in there North Texas! 

I mean, this can't go on forever... right? 


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