DALLAS — It has been an exciting week for the Gold Bears of South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas.

Monday night’s basketball game against IL Texas – Arlington ended in a huge victory for the Bears. The game also marked a major milestone for boys basketball Coach James Mays II.

“500 is a big number,” Mays said at the end of the game. “I’m still blown away.”

The game sealed Mays’ 500th career win.

Mays explained, “It’s an honor to be able to do this. Not just for myself, but for the community. The school. Just the program and the history that we’ve had.”

Mays has been the head coach of the boys basketball program at South Oak Cliff High School for more than two decades. He’s been helping lead players to a lot of wins and some championships over the years.

“I hope they don’t start calling me old now since I have 500.” Mays joked.

The coach said he is passionate about giving back to students in the community where he grew up. Mays said "basketball and books" is a message he drives home to the student-athletes.

“It’s not just about basketball,” Mays explained. “It’s actually going into the community. Working with young men. Giving them another option as far as trying to make something of his life.”

As the community helps celebrate the milestone, Mays believes the future is bright for South Oak Cliff. 

Staff and students will begin moving back into their newly renovated school building at the end of December. The basketball coach and his team will have a new competition gym to enjoy.

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