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Commentary: Are Dallas Mavericks fans the angriest in the NBA?

New research into social media reactions from NBA fans to their teams posts seems to suggest so. One look at "Mavs Twitter" will corroborate it, too.

DALLAS — Been a frustrating season, Mavs fans? Find yourself frustrated time and time again these past few months looking at the scores? 

Well, you're not alone, it seems.

Gambling.com used social listening tools to analyze the negative and angry reactions to every NBA team's social media posts since the beginning of the season in order to rank the "angriest fanbases in the NBA."

Here is what they found:

Dallas has far and away the highest percentage of negative reactions on Facebook (21%), nearly tripling second place Philadelphia Sixers (8%). Dallas had the fifth-highest percentage of negative reactions on Twitter (12.1%), trailing Memphis (26.3%), Detroit (19.2%), Chicago (14.6%) and Brooklyn (12.5%). On Reddit, Dallas was calculated to have the ninth-highest percentage of negative reaction (10.5%).

After averaging every team's percentage of negative reactions on the three social media platforms, Dallas' 14.53% came out on top of the rest of the league.

Congrats, Mavs fans. We're the most upset fanbase in the NBA. According the data, at least. 

Could that be? What's there to be so upset about?

Is it maddening to have two perennial All-Stars – one who is a MVP candidate – but lie one game below .500? Perhaps. 

Is it frustrating to watch the Mavs blow a 27-point lead to the No. 10 seed Lakers? Maybe. 

A dive into Mavs Twitter (and it doesn't take long) seems to corroborate these disappointing feelings. 

Those are just a few of the most recent ones. There are plenty. 

We all feel it, MFFLs.

Also, here are the overall rankings (based on average negativity, if you care to dive into the whole list):

  1. Dallas Mavericks: 14.53%
  2. Memphis Grizzlies: 13.27%
  3. Detroit Pistons: 12.27%
  4. Orlando Magic: 9.53%
  5. Brooklyn Nets: 9.50%
  6. Chicago Bulls: 9.37%
  7. Houston Rockets: 9.03%
  8. Philadelphia 76ers: 8.54%
  9. Toronto Raptors: 8.43%
  10. Sacramento Kings: 8.20%
  11. Indiana Pacers: 8.13%
  12. Denver Nuggets: 8.11%
  13. Miami Heat: 8.03%
  14. Utah Jazz: 7.98%
  15. Milwaukee Bucks: 7.95%
  16. Phoenix Suns: 7.92%
  17. Portland Trail Blazers: 7.28%
  18. Golden State Warriors: 7.20%
  19. Los Angeles Lakers: 6.71%
  20. Los Angeles Clippers: 6.54%
  21. Charlotte Hornets: 6.53%
  22. Atlanta Hawks: 6.32%
  23. San Antonio Spurs: 6.29%
  24. Boston Celtics: 6.22%
  25. New York Knicks: 5.94%
  26. Minnesota Timberwolves: 5.59%
  27. Washington Wizards: 5.23%
  28. New Orleans Pelicans: 5.09%
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder: 4.59%
  30. Cleveland Cavaliers: 4.17%

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