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Video shows kidnapping of 20-month-old baby at Garland motel; mother being credited for ripping off suspect vehicle plates

Garland police are crediting the mother’s quick thinking action that led to getting her baby boy back in her arms.

GARLAND, Texas — The search continues for a kidnapping suspect. Crystal clear surveillance video shows exactly what happened.

Garland police are crediting the mother’s quick thinking action that led to getting her baby boy back in her arms.

In the middle of the night, and only wearing a diaper, Garland police say, a 20-month-old baby boy was snatched away from his mother while she was sleeping.

It happened on Sunday, Oct. 17 around 12:30 a.m. at the Express Inn on Northwest Highway in Garland.

“It was some young people,” said Hotel manager Angela Johnson.

Johnson spoke to the mother minutes after the kidnapping happened.

“They just came in and snatched my baby away and ran,” said Johnson.

Surveillance video shows the driver of a black Jeep pull up to the motel.

Authorities said Romeisha Brown got out of the Jeep, and made her way in through a back door. 

Moments later, investigators said LaShonda Price, and another women in the jeep, knocked on the door of the mother’s room. 

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“When she opened the door, the three women basically pushed her down, and stripped the baby away from her,” said Lt. Pedro Barineau, of the Garland Police Department. 

Seconds later, the mother ran out and screamed, “I’m going to call the police.”

The mother managed to rip off the paper license plates from the Jeep. Then, she ran to the motel's front desk for help. 

The manager on duty said they waited a few minutes before calling 911. Johnson said the mom was half asleep, and they had a hard time communicating. 

She said the night guy didn’t understand what she was saying, she never asked for the police. 

Within minutes, the baby was found.

“The most grateful thing,” said Lt. Barineau.

The baby was found safe on Lyndon B Johnson Freeway in Dallas.

And, Johnson hopes the mother will get help. 

“Find a permanent place to be for that baby,” said Johnson.

Garland police are still trying to figure out the connection between the mother, and the three suspects. Garland police are still looking for the 3rd woman. If you have any information, call Garland Police.

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