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'It's been great to watch her blossom': Meet 7-year-old Tyleisha, this week's Wednesday's Child

Tyleisha's foster parents love her very much, enough to let her go.

Being in foster care is hard enough, but imagine having medical needs on top of that. 

This little girl has been in the same foster home for the last five years. Her foster parents are agonizing over the fact they can't adopt her, but know in their hearts there is a family who can provide the loving home she needs.

She has the face of an angel and is filled with the kind of joy that moves you.

Tyleisha, 7, has been in foster care most of her life. She moved in to her current foster home when she was just two years old. 

Ginger Christiansen is her foster mother. 

"We've really had the chance to get to know the little girl that's inside. She's a very sweet, kind loving little girl," she said in an emotional interview.

Tyleisha has a lot of medical needs. She can't walk and does not communicate verbally.

Christainsen hopes the family who adopts her will see her beyond the wheelchair.

"When Tyleisha came to us, she had some neglect and feeding issues that we had to overcome. We had to get her allergies under control and get her on the right schedule," Christainsen said. "It's been great to watch her blossom into the little girl that she is."

Despite all of her medical needs, including having had a stroke, Tyleisha communicates what she needs. 

"She does like you to sing "Row Row Row Your Boat," and that's gotten us through quite a few medical procedures," said Christiansen.

And you should hear about all her milestones. This little girl thrives with everything. Her ability to learn is inspiring. She is brilliant.

"We set her goals late in the spring and by the next spring, she's met every single one of them and we have to revise them."

Christiansen and her husband love Tyleisha very much -- enough to let her go.

"We are not in the position to give her a forever home and there is someone out there special for her," Christiansen said. 

Tyleisha needs a forever family who will be there through her childhood and throughout her life.

"I need another family who live love her as much as we do, and let us stay in touch, and give her a good life," Christiansen said. 

How cool would that be? Tyleisha may end up with two forever families, because her foster mom will always be her family too. 

For more information on Tyleisha, please send all approved home studies to La Queena Warren at LaQueena.Warren@dfps.texas.gov. Remember to include Tyleisha's name within the subject line. 

If you're not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact LaQueena Warren at (817)-304-1272. 

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