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Victim’s family outraged after man accused of killing mother of his child released from jail

A Rowlett man accused of stalking, shooting and stabbing his girlfriend has been released on bond.

Andrew Beard, 33, was booked into the Dallas County jail on Oct. 6. Two weeks later he was released. He's accused of stalking, shooting and stabbing the mother of his child, 24-year-old Alyssa Burkett.

Beard’s attorney posted a million dollar bond to get him released from jail.

WFAA talked to former Dallas County family violence judge Roberto Canas.

"There is the Texas constitution that says just about everybody is entitled to a bond no matter how serious the crime is,” said Canas. 

Burkett's family and friends are angry and frightened by Beard’s release.

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Her boyfriend Ben Erwin told WFAA, "It's not fair and not very just at all. It's frustrating and the fact that he is out gives us no peace or chance to mourn. We have to look over our shoulders now."

Police said on Oct. 2 Beard shot Burkett as she arrived for work at Greentree Apartments in Carrollton, and then he stabbed her. 

According to court records, Beard and Burkett were "…involved in a contentious custody battle" over their daughter. 

Police say he planned the attack. They found a disguise inside his truck. 

Court documents state police found, “a black beard and brown makeup." They believe he was trying to make it appear he was Black.

They also believe he had been stalking Burkett and her boyfriend. Police found tracking devices on both their cars.

Family violence advocates say they want higher bonds or tougher laws to deal with these types of domestic violence cases.

“When someone is accused of murder like that or serious bodily injury that everyone is setting the bonds as high as possible,” said Paige Flink, CEO of The Family Place.

The judge had to release Beard after he was able to post bond, however, the judge did make him surrender all weapons to the court and Beard was placed on an ankle monitor.  

But, Burkett's boyfriend says he fears that is not enough.

"We've seen plenty of situations where a court can put a bunch of bond conditions on someone, but there is nothing really stopping them from breaking those rules and commit a new crime or continue harassment,” said Canas.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no criminal trials being held right now, so there's no telling how long Beard will be out on bond. 

The victim's family says they won't feel safe until he's back behind bars.