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Murder charges for men involved in 2022 death of Jin Shin either dropped or downgraded, records show

One suspect was indicted for murder in the death of Jin Shin, while three others who were arrested either had their charges dropped or downgraded.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Four men were arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of Dallas man Jin Shin after police said a "minor accident" led to an argument in Fort Worth. 

Now, three of the men who had been accused of murder have either had their charges dropped or downgraded, according to court records.

The incident happened in August 2022 near the intersection of South University Drive and the Interstate 30 entrance ramp.

Shin's death led to four arrests between September 2022 and February 2023. All four had been charged with murder.

Markynn Dmorous West, 28, was arrested in September and indicted on the murder charge in December.

Kameron Nathan Taylor, 28, who was taken into custody in December, had his charge dropped after a grand jury returned a "no bill" decision earlier this month, court records show.

Quamon Deshun White, 30, was arrested in January. His charge was downgraded from murder to assault causing bodily injury. The charge against Keeton Sheppard, who was arrested in February, was downgraded to unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, according to court records.

An arrest affidavit for West revealed the events that led to Shin's death after the "minor" vehicle crash.

The affidavit stated that while three people talked with Shin outside on a median, another vehicle arrived and appeared to “box in” Shin’s Jeep. Two of the men, one being West, got out of that vehicle and joined the group that was talking with Shin.

In total, the affidavit stated six people had gathered around Shin near his Jeep and two more cars showed up to the scene. Then, the situation escalated when one of the men in the group punched Shin in the back of his head.

The affidavit went on the state that Shin attempted to walk away and get into his Jeep multiple times but was stopped by the men in the group.

At one point, Shin was able to open his front passenger door and walk across the street with a handgun, the affidavit stated.

When Shin once again attempted to walk back toward his Jeep, with his handgun pointed down, the affidavit stated, West opened the trunk of his car and also grabbed a handgun.

The affidavit stated West started firing at Shin and when Shin ran around to the passenger side of the other vehicles, West continued to pursue him.

Eventually, Shin was able to run away from the scene but was later found lying dead on a median, police said.

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