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'This was a bad one': Businesses reopen after Dallas tornadoes

After devastating tornadoes, some businesses are lucky to reopen so quickly. Others are lucky everything that was lost can be replaced.

DALLAS — Gus Kostas walked over broken glass and scattered furniture to get into his restaurant Greek Isles Grill and Taverna Saturday, almost a week after a tornado sent his son and customers scrambling for cover.

“This was a bad one,” Kostas said.

His son Chris Kostas rushed customers into the kitchen of the restaurant when the tornado hit.

“We grabbed the mats, held them over our heads and just all looked at each other hoping that we were going to make it out OK,” Kostas said.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but the restaurant is still looking at a couple of weeks without customers while repairs are being made.

Kostas is not alone. The shopping center on Royal Lane where Greek Isles is located is full of boarded windows and twisted metal.

In the parking lot, lies the mangled cart return from Tom Thumb about 200 yards away. The tornado blew it clear across the street where the damage doesn’t appear to be as bad.

Tom Thumb was open Saturday but only non-perishable items were on the shelves.

Barnes and Noble will need a new roof but will likely reopen next week, according to a manger overseeing repairs.

The Neuhaus Café dodged the worst of it and will open its doors to customers Sunday.

“We’re ready to go,” said Merv Sacher, owner. “I just thank God that we were lucky.”

Luck is a relative thing. Some business owners are fortunate to open so soon after the tornado. Others are thankful nothing was broken that can’t be fixed.

“Thank God there was no injuries,” Kostas said. “All this we’ll replace and it will be a lot better.”

Kostas expects the restaurant to open by Oct. 31.

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