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'I'm not angry, I'm disappointed': Dallas County DA defends himself against accusations from Amber Guyger trial

Dallas County DA John Creuzot says he was worried about going to jail after accused of violating a gag order. He says the way the county handles these will change.
Credit: Jay Wallis

DALLAS — The Dallas County District Attorney's office will start taking legal action against gag orders after a contempt of court case against District Attorney John Creuzot caused months of deliberation.

Amber Guyger trial judge Tammy Kemp accused Creuzot of violating a gag order after an interview with a local news station. The story ran the day before the trial began.

"I found that behavior unprofessional and a prejudice attempt to disparage me without any due process," Creuzot said Wednesday.

While the case has been dismissed, Creuzot is not happy with how the situation was handled. He said there was nothing wrong with his comments, and he was "stripped of his rights" with this accusation.

"I'm not angry, I'm disappointed," Creuzot said.

The DA said he knew about the gag order when he made these comments and was not trying to impact the court case or the jury members.

Creuzot said there will be a change in policy and now his staff will start fighting gag orders handed out by judges.

"If any judge on his or her own issues a gag order, there's about a 99.9 percent chance that we're going to do everything in our legal power to get it taken down," Creuzot said.

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