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Jerry Jones: 'I think that yes, we will have football'

Dallas Cowboys owner got emotional talking about the impact of COVID-19, and how the community can recover from the pandemic.
Credit: AP
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field before an NFL football game against the New York Giants, Monday, Nov. 4, 2019, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

DALLAS — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent 37 minutes talking with reporters about the second day of the NFL draft before answering the most important (and final) question of the night, about the impact of COVID-19 on the NFL, other sports, and society as a whole.

"I think the NFL and sports stepped up and we created a recipe. We created a diversion, we created some, if you will, some some type of 'business as usual' approach," Jones said of the NFL Draft, which has drawn record viewership through it's first two days.

"I'm proud that we got to last night, have something that was of that of that much interest. As we move forward, and we look at the challenges that other sports have to have that opportunity to be a solid respite for fans, as we look forward to it, we'll learn."

Jones also talked about the overall impact of the coronavirus, and how it has altered society in the last six weeks.

"What we're doing will be a big part of the future of America," Jones said. "I loved what one of the guys said when he said that, you know, 'the world changes, it just changes'. When we landed on the moon, it changed the world. Not because we landed on the moon, but because of how we got there. We got there with of a box called computer. Nobody ever messed with them much, in practical everyday life.  After the moon, everybody started messing with them and it changed the world, the change that. I think we're involved in something like that that's gonna change us."

In that vein, Jones said he hopes that this weekend and beyond, the NFL can be a beacon of hope amidst the pandemic.

"I certainly want our sport... to be a plus.  And I think [the NFL Draft] was a plus."

Jones got choked up momentarily when talking about eventually getting back to normal.

"There is no question," Jones said, "we're going to get back as a country. There is no question. And when we do as we always do. We'll be better than we ever were."

Finally, Jones said words that football fans will undoubtedly rally around in the coming days and weeks, as we continue on without sports.

"I think that yes, we'll have football. We'll have it. And hopefully the effort, the work we're trying to do right here will pay off in a few weeks and months for having our fans be able to see real football."

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