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8 things to do this weekend while you stay at home

Well, Dallas-Fort Worth, you should be practicing good social distancing and staying at home, but that doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of things to do.

Yes, we are all home. Or should be, anyway, unless you're an essential worker. If you are, we cannot thank you enough. 

But just because we're all home right now doesn't mean there's nothing to do. Our activities just might be a bit more virtual than we're used to. But we have a few ideas to get you out of the house, too. 

1. Legacy West's Virtual Concert Series

The shopping district may not have any in-person events happening right now, but they are still hosting live ones-- just on Facebook instead. Join Legacy West and musician HONIN Thursday for a Facebook Live concert from 7 to 7:30 p.m. The concert series will happen weekly, so if you miss this one, just add the next one to your calendar.  

Click here for the link.

2. Take a live virtual workout class 

Missing your gym classes or even just the treadmill? Or maybe that body weight workout alone at home just isn't doing it for you... well, Camp Gladiator Plano is just one of many gyms offering virtual classes. Join them for Facebook events Fridays at 9 a.m. to help you stay in shape while everything's shut down at this link.

3. Enjoy Story Time with Bibliobar

If you're looking for a way to keep the kids entertained that doesn't involve you being the source of entertainment and isn't just something else on TV, Bibliobar is offering weekly story times on Facebook Live. They can also deliver books straight to your door. So get the kiddos to embrace some literature! 

Click here for more information. 

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4. Enjoy the latest exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art-- virtually, of course

Take a tour of the museum's latest installation this weekend without leaving your bed. 'Dreamer of Houses' is an eclectic, neon-infused display that, even virtually, grabs and holds your attention with its bold use of color. Go explore it for yourself here. 

5. Take a drive 

Just because you have nowhere to go doesn't mean you have to go nowhere! Take a drive through a new neighborhood to admire the houses and architecture or perhaps head out to Ennis to take a peep at all the bluebonnets and wildflowers. Need directions? Ennis has an app for that. 

And don't forget to bring your favorite music along for the ride-- open the windows and blast it from the speakers, y'all! 

6. Go on a walking scavenger hunt or a walking meditation

Not up for a drive, or don't want to have to hit the gas pumps? Take your own two feet out the door, then, and take a walk. A couple ideas to mix-up the daily walking routine you may have already gotten into? Come up with a scavenger hunt list to find during your walk (especially fun for kids of all ages) or, take some time to relax and do a walking meditation. 

Never heard of a walking meditation before? Well, while it's not exactly the same as just taking the time to smell the roses, the idea is similar. Learn more about the idea here, and let it help you relax. It's important to take some time for yourself. 

7. Host a Zoom happy hour, complete with a set-up

Get your friends together while you're all apart for a Zoom or Facetime happy hour. Or, maybe you prefer Google Hangouts. Whatever works, just video conference with your people, or your family, and chat about all the things in your lives together over a glass of wine, soda, maybe some cheese and crackers. 

If you're the host of the group, don't be afraid to give it a theme! Ask everyone to get creative with what they have on hand to dress up and match the vibe, whether that's a lūʻau, murder mystery or the roaring 20s (get it, because it's the 20s again). Whatever theme you choose, just be sure to embrace it and have fun. 

And if you're looking for a game night, well there are plenty of options. Check out a good roundup of them here. 

8. Make a sign thanking essential workers to hang in your window and put up a white ribbon

We all know how much we owe to these people right now, and it doesn't really need to be said. But help put a smile on their faces, and your neighbors, by writing some encouraging messages of gratitude to those serving our communities. Then, place it in your window, and challenge someone else in your neighborhood or your life to do the same. Let's see how creative we can get. 

Plus, don't forget to support our #healthcareheros by hanging up a white ribbon, sheet, trash bag, whatever you've got to make a bow, outside. And then tag @wfaa or #wfaa so we can see it and share it. 


And remember-- continue to keep practicing social distancing so we all can stay healthy, folks. Don't get together physically with anyone you don't live with, even just one person. But social distance doesn't mean social isolation: stay in touch with your loved ones and reach out to old friends. 

Looking for more things to do at home? Check out last week's list of ideas here.

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