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WFAA Healthcare Heroes

Here's one way you can show your support for the people on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.

WFAA is encouraging all North Texans to visibly express their solidarity with local healthcare workers. These are our neighbors, family members, and friends who are fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus.

To show your support, join the community in tying a white ribbon in front of your home or residence. Keep it visible for the duration of this crisis.

Remember, while we’re inside, health care workers are out there, making sure the American way of life can resume as quickly as possible. Let them know how much they are appreciated in a visually impactful and historically symbolic way.

Or, you can get creative and use a white towel, sheet, Christmas lights, or even a torn up white t-shirt. :)

Thank you for taking the time to show our Healthcare Heroes we’re all in this together... just not, “together”.

Please, tag us on social media with #WFAA, #WhiteRibbonRally, and #HealthCareHeroes

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