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Woman found buried under Fort Worth home sent text message for help; police believe more women were victimized

Police found Marissa Grimes dead at her alleged killer's home in Fort Worth.

FORT WORTH, Texas — We are learning new details about the Arlington woman who was found buried under a Fort Worth home.

For the first time, WFAA is hearing from a family friend who gave us insight about what happened days before her murder.

At 26 years old, Marissa Grimes did everything to be that perfect mother to her two children.

Christy Jacks is a family friend and their attorney.

“She loved her children and worried about how to give them the best life possible,” Jacks said

She said those dreams were shattered by a man Grimes reportedly met at a party in January. Fort Worth police said that man, 24-year-old Valerian Osteen, killed Grimes last Wednesday. Neither police nor the district attorney's office immediately said what additional charges Osteen faces in Grimes' death. 

“She didn’t grasp how dangerous he was,” Jacks said.

Jacks said Osteen took Grimes to his house after that party on Jan. 9 and didn't release her for days. 

Grimes did eventually escaped.

“She pushes the door open and says, 'help me,' and she escapes,” Jacks said.

Osteen, seen in photos on his Facebook page, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in that case and was later released on bond.

“Really, there was no one else she was afraid of, then she was afraid of him,” Jacks said.

About a month later, Jacks said Grimes was getting ready to move. Authorities said Osteen somehow got a hold of Grimes and her U-Haul.

Jacks said that prompted Grimes to send a cryptic text to her dad: "No cops, don’t reply."

"Her way of saying, 'I need help. Don’t bring the police,'" Jacks said.

Grimes was later reported missing from Arlington on Feb. 12. Then, according to police, officers found a vehicle on Feb. 21 in Fort Worth that was connected to her' disappearance. 

Police later on Feb. 22 found Grimes dead at Osteen's home in the 5800 block of Locke Avenue, near Interstate 30 and Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth.

“He had wrapped her in something, and put her in the crawl space underneath the house,” Jacks recounted.

Police say, at least one other person came forward who saw blood in Osteen’s house. Police said Osteen's bond was revoked on Feb. 23 and that he remains jailed in Tarrant County with no bond, but investigators believe Osteen has more victims.

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