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Dallas police take woman into custody following two-hour standoff at local QuikTrip

Dallas police say a woman was taken into custody after SWAT fired a flash bang and gas canisters into the back of her vehicle

DALLAS — Dallas police took a woman into custody following a long standoff at a gas station at the intersection of Skillman Street and Northwest Highway.

Dallas police say officers responded to a call for service at the location, and that the scene was being worked as a barricaded person. 

Family members of the woman say she is from Houston and became disgruntled from a fight over a gas pump.

“I just received a phone call stating that she had an altercation with someone out here and they called the police,” said Brittany Pannell, the suspect’s daughter-in-law.

Several nearby side streets and parking lots are blocked off while officers tried to coax the woman out of the vehicle. Over a hundred bystanders watched the situation unfold, as many of them were unable to leave the area.

“We were stuck here and there was no way out,” said bystander LaDonna Calvillo.

“I didn’t know what to think I didn’t know what was going on really” said Charlie Moore, another local bystander.

Police blocked off the area due to safety concerns over the woman possibly having some kind of weapon. Family members say she did have a BB gun inside the car and suffers from mental health problems.

SWAT was notified of the situation and the suspect was soon taken into custody, police say.

“I just let her know that I was out here and all she had to do was get out of the car, and she was in safe hands because I’m here,” said Pannell.

Officers recorded Pannell’s voice and played it on an outdoor speaker for the suspect to hear in hopes of ending the standoff peacefully.

“With me, saying your grandkids are out here. Please don’t let them see anything that they’re not supposed to see that’s what made her get out of the car," Pannell said.

The suspect, who was inside of her car, came out after police fired a flash bang and gas canisters into her back window, police said. No shots were fired. She came out willingly and was apprehended by SWAT.

She was taken into custody and then to the hospital for evaluation, police said. No injuries were reported.

As of Saturday night, there is no information regarding what charges the woman faces.

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