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'They're not coming back' | Family of two cousins killed in Fort Worth quadruple murder speaks out

The mothers of 17-year-old Marc Boyd Jr. and 17-year-old Ricky Craddock told WFAA the cousins were inseparable. Now, they're planning a joint funeral.


As the sun went down Tuesday evening, a large, grieving family sat in the front yard of a small Fort Worth home. Cars from visitors lined the street and faces of sorrow surrounded the family home. 

The family is mourning the loss of two young cousins who were among the four killed during a quadruple homicide Friday evening in Fort Worth.  

Marc Boyd Jr. and Ricky Craddock, both 17, were among the four shot and killed in an SUV along the 1200 block of Jessamine Street. Linda Jackson, the mother of Ricky Craddock, told WFAA the murders still don’t make sense. 

"We have lost two wonderful boys,” Jackson said. “My child wasn’t a bad child, his cousin wasn’t, and they don’t deserve it.”

Based on neighborhood surveillance video, Fort Worth police said the shooting appeared to be a botched robbery that may have involved drugs. 

"It wasn’t supposed to be our kids,” Nikkie Craddock, the mother of Marc Boyd Jr., said.  

Police are still investigating the details surrounding the case. Meanwhile, the family is planning a joint funeral for the two young boys. 

“The hardest part about it all, they were not those type of kids," said the victims’ aunt Denise Craddock. “We need everybody that was involved to be held accountable.” 

Home surveillance video from the neighborhood where the shooting happened shows a suspect in a Dodge Challenger approach an SUV. Moments later, a shootout began, then the suspected shooter drove off in the Dodge. 

The suspect is still on the run. Four of the victims were shot inside of the SUV -- three died at the scene, and the fourth later died at a hospital.  

“They’re not coming back,” Denise Craddock said through tears. “They’re truly not coming back, and you wanna think you’re gonna wake up from this nightmare, but it’s reality.” 

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