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Dallas police investigating reports of man sexually assaulting several women on the Katy Trail

"I felt someone grab me, behind me, and stick his hand… where it really shouldn’t be," a young woman told WFAA.

DALLAS — The Dallas Police Department is investigating reports that a man sexually assaulted several women on the Katy Trail.

WFAA interviewed a young woman, who we are not identifying, who said the man assaulted her Wednesday morning. 

"I felt someone grab me," she said. "[From] behind me and stick his hand… where... where it really shouldn’t be."

Police sources told WFAA they are working to build a case against a person of interest they've identified but say they don't have enough evidence to arrest him yet. 

"The reality of what happened…it does hit me, and it is a scary feeling," the young woman continued in tears. "Just knowing there are men out there who feel entitled to…violate women…and touch women as they please..."

Bree Redwine with Friends of the Katy Trail said that extra officers are patrolling the trail.

She also said everyone should remember basic trail safety tips, like walking in pairs or groups, sharing your location with someone, not frequenting the same place at the same time every day and keeping your music low enough that you can still hear. 

She also said people should make note of the number of the trail marker near them in case they have to call police. 

"Call 911, know your location, that’s why the mile marker signs are there," Redwine said.

Frequent runner T. Farris said all people, regardless of where they run or walk, should always follow these tips. 

"But it's also sad..." she said. "That in this state of the world women have to do these things to be safe."

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