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Great futures brewing with coffee shop at Woodrow Wilson High

Woodrow Wilson special education students are learning valuable life skills by brewing one pot of coffee at a time.

DALLAS — For many people who wake up early, like the teachers at Woodrow Wilson High School, there's nothing better than a good cup of coffee. One cup of coffee in particular.

“There’s a different type of joy you get when you order coffee from a percolator,” said art teacher Jessica Martinez.

The Woodrow Percolators sell coffee every day of the school year. Breanna Nelson is their teacher.

“We’re trying to give them the skills they need to survive,” Nelson said.

Nelson teaches the functional life skills class. Her students started serving coffee about a year ago.

The goal is to give special education students the skills to land a job, earn money and be a part of the community. 

It's already paying off.

"Absolutely," Nelson said. "Not only are we seeing reading skills, math skills, but most importantly social skills and confidence.”

A lot of students say the only thing better than serving coffee is delivering it.

Some teachers have even give up their morning coffee routine just to support these students.

“I either come and get it or I have it delivered every day to my classroom,” said vocational compliance teacher Valerie Hendrickse.

“That makes me happy,” said freshman Miles O'Dea.

“Happy because I love teachers,” added senior Chazz Watson.

These students are not professional baristas, but pouring this much love into coffee sure beats getting it anywhere else.

“It’s really important to support these kids and help them develop the skills they need so hopefully one day they can work at Starbucks, and when they’re working at Starbucks, I will go and get a cup of coffee from them,” Hendrickse said.

They're still in high school and already business is brewing.

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