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'Electric emergency': Map of power outages in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Rotating power outages are taking place across the state of Texas as extremely cold weather plunges temperatures.

Updated at 10:20 a.m. Wednesday.as the energy crisis continues.

Controlled power outages remain in effect across the state of Texas as officials work to conserve as much electricity as possible after dozens of power plants went offline as there was record demand on the grid during  winter weather.

Millions of Texans have been experiencing long-lasting power outages across the state for days at this point. The outages widely started early overnight Monday. 

"Outages due to this electric emergency could last for hours & we ask you to be prepared," Oncor officials said.  

Hundreds of people have been telling WFAA they've now been without power for days at this point.

Oncor is advising Texans they may also experience multiple outage rotations as the controlled outages transition to rotating outages once more power supply comes online.

"We recognize how unsettling these outages can be and strive to minimize impacts," Oncor officials said. They are urging people to also take care of themselves and their neighbors and find warming shelters if they need one.

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ERCOT has said there’s no limit to how long any one outage could last. It could be many hours, and it’s up to each provider to figure out where and how long the rotations are.

Officials are asking Texans to conserve as much electricity as they can safely and reliably over the coming days as record-low temperatures are expected to plunge the state further into a dangerous winter storm. 

Power outages and weather issues are also causing problems for water and natural gas providers, so officials are now asking people who still have access to those resources to limit their use to only essential needs.

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How do I check for power outages in my area?

Oncor is advising Texans that they may experience multiple outage rotations. 

If you're an Oncor customer, click here to check the map for local outages. 

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ERCOT also has a graph showing the state electrical grid's capacity compared to demand. To see it in real-time and what the agency forecasts over the next 24 hours, click here.

To see what power outage conditions look like across the state, click here.

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When should I report a power outage?

Oncor is telling customers they do not need to report outages at this time.

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