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Jerry Jones is up 1,934% on his Dallas Cowboys investment, according to latest valuations

Sportico, which tracks franchise valuations, put Dallas at the top of all sports franchises, ahead of the New York Yankees.

DALLAS — In the least surprising news you'll hear all week, the Dallas Cowboys are worth a lot of money.

The actual numbers are pretty staggering, though.

Sportico, which tracks sports franchise valuations through interviews with bankers, team and league executives and owners, put the Cowboys' latest value at $7.64 billion, the most of any sports franchise in the country.

Sportico put the New York Yankees' value at around $7 billion, giving the Cowboys a comfortable half-billion lead on the famed pinstripes.

Even more impressive, from a financial standpoint, is the Cowboys' lead on the rest of the NFL; the second-most valuable league franchise, according to Sportico, are the Los Angeles Rams at $5.91 billion.

The Rams are coming off a Super Bowl title, and they play in the still-brand-new SoFi Stadium.

Behind the Rams sit the New England Patriots, at $5.88 billion, and then the New York Giants ($5.73 billion), San Francisco 49ers ($5.18 billion), and the Chicago Bears ($5 billion).

Sportico put the league average at $4.1 billion, up 18% from last year, according to ESPN.

The Cincinnati Bengals had the lowest valuation in the league, at a mere $2.84 billion.

The last similar valuation, from Forbes, had the Cowboys at around $6.5 billion. Owner Jerry Jones, who has insisted that he'd never sell the Cowboys, told NBC Sports in May that the club would go for more than $10 billion.

What might be most staggering is how the Cowboys' financials have soared under Jones, who purchased the franchise for $150 million in 1989. That's about $358 million in today's dollars.

Factoring in inflation, that's a return on investment of about 1,934% over 33 years. Not including inflation, Jones is up 4,993%.

Not bad. 

Now how much does a fourth Lombardi Trophy cost?

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