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'League of his own': St. Mark's hoops star, son of McDonald's franchise owners named McDonald's All-American

North Texas has produced dozens of McDonald's All-Americans but never one like Harrison Ingram.

DALLAS — From the golden arching jump shot to the special saucy passes, it's easy to see why Harrison Ingram is one of the best high school basketball players in the country.

The five-star recruit from St. Mark's School in Dallas is also one of the most selfless.

"Always willing to make the extra pass and do whatever it takes to help the team win," effused St. Mark's boys basketball coach Greg Guiler.

Guiler has witnessed Ingram's growth, both figuratively and literally. He was Ingram's fourth grade physical education teacher.

"Sensational young man," Guiler continued. "Incredibly hard worker. Makes everyone around him better." 

Sixteen months ago, the Dallas tornado ripped through his neighborhood.

In its wake, Ingram was there to assist.

"My friends and I went to a church around the corner called Presbyterian Church," Ingram recalled. "We brought food and helped people pick up debris. And moved big tree trunks in the way, that were blocking people from driving down the road."

Credit: Harrison Ingram

The tornado also wrecked the St. Mark's gym, where Ingram had been earlier than evening helping some friends with a theatre project.

If not for a call from his mother, Vera, to come home to eat dinner, the group of friends would have still been inside when the tornado hit.

"That happened to be the one place that I had been in," Ingram said. "It's just kind of a crazy coincidence to me."

"Crazy" is one word for it. 

This summer, Ingram will head to California, where he'll begin his college career at Stanford.

Stanford beat out the likes of Baylor, Texas Tech and a plethora of powerhouse schools.

Ingram admits the idea of a Stanford degree had major appeal to his parents, which he asserts he will earn whether it's in four years or if he has to go back during the offseason, assuming he realizes his dream of playing in the NBA.

This week, Ingram was named a McDonald's All-American

It's one of the highest honors a high school hoops player can earn and he's the only one from North Texas to receive the honor in 2021.

"One of the McDonald's Monopoly game pieces needs to bear his face on it from now on," joked Guiler.

Guiler has a point. 

After all, Ingram's parents own and operate 17 McDonald's franchise locations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

"God-willing, I make it to the NBA," Ingram expressed. "And maybe get a future endorsement deal from McDonald's."

For now, this endorsement from Guiler will have to do.

"He's in a league of his own."

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