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Amid fear over COVID-19, 'Little Wish' comes true for Frisco dad battling cancer

Tim Luke is scheduled to start yet another round of chemotherapy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. He received $5,000 worth of gift cards and lawn care.

FRISCO, Texas — This content is sponsored by Sam Pack Auto Group.

Susan Uzelac is a crossing guard at Shawnee Trail Elementary School in Frisco.

We planned to meet at the school on a Monday in March, just as her shift ended to pull off a special surprise. 

Those plans were made before our world changed.

But the world changed for Uzelac’s son-in-law a while ago.

“He’s fighting stage four cancer, which started in his colon. It’s now in his lungs and his spine and his liver,” Uzelac said. “And he’s getting ready to start his fourth round of chemo. All of this started in May, 2018.”

Tim Luke is a single father to Uzelac’s three grandchildren.  

She said he has her utmost respect. 

“He’s so strong, and I want to be that way, too,” she said. “ I just admire him and respect him and I love him to death.”

She nominated him for WFAA's Little Wishes program, and he was chosen based off her recommendation.

We left the vacant school grounds and followed Uzelac to Luke's home to bring him a little happiness and hope.

Uzelac knocked on his door and he was clearly taken aback by a camera crew and a letter.

“Dear Tim” it read.

“We’ve all had times when we just can’t catch a break. And in those moments, we need family, friends and neighbors to help us out. Sam Pack Auto Group is a proud member of your North Texas family, and it is our privilege to help our neighbors when they need it. Your friends at Sam Pack heard about your story and will be providing you and your family with $1,000 worth of Uber Eats gift cards, $2,000 worth of Walmart gift cards, and $1,000 in lawn care. We are excited to grant you this little wish! Sincerely, Sam Pack Auto Group and WFAA.”

He didn’t know what to say.

“Thank you so much. That is so nice. That’s awesome,” he said.

He looked at Uzelac and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she replied.

They are family, so they exchanged hugs.

But we kept our distance because Tim is vulnerable.

“I’m very concerned,” he said, about contracting the coronavirus. “I’ve gone through 23 rounds of chemotherapy already. So, I know I have no immune system.”

He said feels like he’s been throwing money around left and right as he battles cancer, and he has worried how he’s going to pay for everything. So, the gift cards and lawn care came at a welcome moment in time.

“He doesn’t smile very often,” Uzelac said. “It’s been a running family joke for as long as he’s been in our family.”

Tim smiled. 

Maybe a little wish will bring a little relief.

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