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Trevor Reed’s first 24 hours home: A steak dinner, 'flirting' with nurses and hugs with family

In an exclusive interview with GMA, Trevor Reed’s family said his spirits are high and recovery will be long, but they think he's "going to be fine."

SAN ANTONIO — Paula Reed finally got her hug.

“It was heaven,” she said in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Good Morning America.

Reed’s son, Trevor, was released Wednesday after more than 980 days in a Russian prison.

But when he landed in San Antonio early Thursday morning, fears over Trevor Reed’s fragile health prevented mom and dad from hugging their son.

The hugs finally happened late Thursday when Trevor Reed was released from isolation inside Brooke Army Medical Center, which is the headquarters of a special program that reintegrates military members or civilians who’ve been imprisoned overseas.

Trevor Reed’s medical condition is not quite clear, Paula Reed told GMA. He’s undergoing multiple tests and the Reeds expect to have more clarity about his physical health in the next few days.

Watch the Good Morning America interview below

But his sister said his spirits are bright.

“He’s telling stories, flirting with the nursing staff,” Taylor Reed told GMA, laughing. “It’s just friendly flirting. He’s just happy to be around other people again.”

Trevor Reed’s father, Joey, added, “I think he’s just happy to see females.”

Doctors warned the Reeds it is not uncommon for newly-freed captives to avoid spending time with family while adjusting, but Paula Reed told ABC News that’s not the case with Trevor.

Their first visit was scheduled to last only a few minutes, but the Reed family stayed with Trevor for about two hours. Paula Reed said her son has enjoyed a steak dinner. He told his mom protein was a rarity while he was in prison.

Joey Reed said they believe President Joe Biden’s decision to agree to a prisoner swap with Russia might have saved Trevor’s life.

“We can’t thank him enough,” Joey Reed said.

Other Americans remain imprisoned in Russia, including WNBA star Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, who is also a veteran Marine like Trevor.

Paula Reed said one of the first things Trevor told them was that he felt terrible that Whelan wasn’t released alongside him. Trevor pledged that once he is well enough to do it, he will advocate for Whelan to come home right away, Paula said.

Paula Reed told GMA Trevor will have a long road to recuperate, but "we think he's going to be fine."


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