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Texas Marine veteran Trevor Reed will receive medical care, intense counseling in San Antonio. His family will too.

His parents, sister, Congressman August Pfluger and others were on the tarmac for the unforgettable moment Trevor Reed touched down in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO — The world has been watching U.S. Marine veteran and Texas native Trevor Reed’s story. The 30-year-old was released in the prisoner exchange with Russia

President Joe Biden and local officials were instrumental in Reed’s return back home. 

Reed has a long road to recovery. What should he expect in the coming days?

Cellphone video captured the moment when Trevor Reed arrived at a San Antonio military base. 

His parents, sister, Congressman August Pfluger and others were on the tarmac for the unforgettable moment.

“What an incredible reunion to see him touchdown, to put his feet on American soil in 985 days,” said Pfluger. 

The one thing Paula Reed said would make her son’s release from a Russian prison and return to Texas seem real was to give him a hug.

But the hug had to wait.

When Trevor Reed landed in San Antonio in the early hours of Thursday morning, no one could touch him.

Everyone had to wear masks.

Reed was exposed to tuberculosis in Russia. He is gaunt. His eyes are sunken. His health is a source of concern.

So, a hug was off limits.

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Reed was held captive in a Russian prison for three years. 

Authorities in Moscow accused him of assaulting two police officers, during a visit to see his Russian girlfriend. 

“They have not treated him well,” said Pfluger. 

Pfluger represents Reed’s hometown of Granbury. 

He made it a mission to help get Reed back home. 

“Every single time I saw Secretary Blinken, I would mention Trevor his name. I didn't want them to forget. And they didn't. And I gave President Biden credit,” said Pfluger. 

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Reed’s parents were always worried about their son’s health.

“Talk about what he looked like, frail? Obviously, he did look like he lost weight from the pictures that I've seen, very concerning,” said Pfluger.

Trevor Reed is now at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, the site of the headquarters of a military reintegration program that helps service members and civilians reacclimate to life after being imprisoned overseas for extended periods.

He will go through a rigorous health evaluation for days, then a team of doctors will focus on his mental state of mind with psychological counseling. He will eventually go into a reintegration program.  

After everything Reed has been through in the Russian prison, Reed showed everyone he is resilient. 

“I just said look, 'Trevor, it's great to have you back. Welcome back. As an Air Force veteran, I look forward to you giving me a hard time as a Marine.' He laughed about that. He thought it was really funny,” said Pfluger. 

And, his parents will remain by his side, as he recovers. They will also be counseled on how to help him and their family reacclimate to life. 

The Reeds spent time at the medical center on Thursday in a debrief with the government.

The length of Trevor’s stay in San Antonio is not yet clear.

The Reeds don’t mind how long it takes, focusing instead on the fact he’s safe in Texas again. 

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