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Suspect arrested after hit-and-run crash that killed cyclist in Dallas

The driver who struck the cyclist got out of their vehicle after the crash but left without helping the victim, police say.

DALLAS — Note: This article and the video above were originally published when police were looking for the suspect.

A man has been arrested in connection to a Dallas hit-and-run that killed a cyclist.

Police said the crash happened around 7 a.m. last Sunday in the 12900 block of Kleberg Road in the southeastern area of Dallas, near S. Beltline Road and Highway 175.

According to police, the victim was riding his bike in the southbound lanes when he was hit by a white SUV. The cyclist was then thrown off the bike into a grassy area.

Police also released surveillance video from a nearby home that showed the crash.

Police said the cyclist died, but he has not yet been identified.

On Thursday, police said Kenneth Connors III was arrested for the crash. According to them, he was taken to the Dallas County Jail and charged for Accident Involving Death.

"It was crazy, you know," said David Urias. 

Neighbors along Kleberg Road are stunned. 

"When I came out here the cops told me what was going on and that they wanted to check my Ring camera," said Urias.

The video shows the SUV stop and a person exiting the vehicle. Shortly after, the person could be seen returning to the SUV and driving away without helping the victim.

"He should have called somebody or stayed to help. I mean, I felt like running away would make things worse," Urias said. "I mean, he just didn't take responsibility on that one." 

Other neighbors said they're also feeling uneasy about what the video revealed.

“He didn’t even render aid for him. That’s what’s disturbing to me,” said David Herrera.

Herrera lives nearby and said he often rides his bike along the same path.

“He has no remorse for life. Whoever he was,” added Herrera. 

Police are waiting for the medical examiner to identify the cyclist who was killed. 

“I mean, maybe he was intoxicated or on the phone or something, and didn’t pay attention. But, I mean, I think that was just wrong,” said Urias. 

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