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Resident describes fire that destroyed dozens of vehicles at Central Texas pumpkin patch

More than 70 cars were destroyed in a fire at the Robinson Family Farm in Temple, Texas.

TEMPLE, Texas — What was supposed to be a picture day with the pumpkins turned into dozens of families running for their lives.

More than 70 cars went up in flames at a pumpkin patch near Temple, Texas. One woman from Granbury was there with her family.

“We went for family day on Saturday, go to the pumpkin patch, take cute little pictures,” said Kat Cabana, whose car was destroyed.

But those cute little pictures Cabana and her sister’s family wanted to take never happened.

From nowhere, a massive fire.

“We saw black smoke, and we’re like, something legit is on fire,” said Cabana.

“You could hear glass exploding, what i assume was tires popping, exploding, people’s gas tanks exploding. The wind was taking the smoke and making it bigger and bigger,” she added.

It happened at the Robinson Family Farm, near Temple, around 1 p.m. Saturday.

“We’re like what are we going to do,” said Cabana.

Cabana said she saw people running towards their car, trying to save them. 

No injuries were reported.

“People were running, running through the parking lot.. There has been lots of speculation, everybody assumes it’s a cigarette, but who really knows,” Cabana said about the possible cause of the fire.

While Cabana and her sister’s cars were ruined, “The windows are gone, handles are melted off, tires are gone… We’re okay, cars can be replaced,” she said.

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