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Record-breaking temperatures across North Texas bring spike in heat-related 911 calls

Calls for heat-related illness and kids left in hot cars continue to be a concern.

FORT WORTH, Texas — MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth has seen a spike in heat-related calls following record-breaking temperatures, according to Matt Zavadsky, MedStar spokesperson. 

“This has been a very difficult weekend for North Texans,” Zavadsky said. “Friday, we had 22 patients with a clinical impression of heat-related injury. One of them was critical.” 

Saturday temperatures reached 106°, not only making it the hottest day of 2020, but also breaking a 69-year-old record. Saturday also marked the 9th day of the year with triple-digit temperatures.

With more heat in the forecast, Zavadsky said the best way to avoid heat-related health problems is to avoid the heat altogether.

“The best thing north Texans can do this weekend is not go out,” said Zavadksy.

For those that do plan to go outside, Zavadsky encourages wearing loose, light-colored clothing. Find air conditioning and shade whenever possible and drink plenty of water. 

“Start hydrating early,” Zavadsky said. “Make sure you’re continuing to hydrate the entire time that you’re out.”

Be on the lookout for muscle cramps, excessive sweating and nausuea.

“People get very, very hot, very red, unconscious,” Zavadsky said. “That is a life-threatening emergency and we could have someone die from that type of an illness.”

Calls for children left alone in hot cars are another concern. MedStar has responded to six cases in 2020.

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Zavadsky warns kids sometimes end up in that potentially-deadly situation without parents even knowing.

“Unfortunately, one of the cases that we had this summer was two children that got into a car playing hide and seek and got forgotten about in the vehicle,” Zavadsky said. “They suffered very significant heat-related illness.”