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Wednesday's Child: Faith and Ricky

"What I dream about? Me in a home with a mom and a dad and my little brother," Faith says.

DALLAS — No matter how calm or rough the waters, 15-year-old Faith and her 13-year-old brother Ricky are learning to navigate the ups and downs of life.

"Been in foster care for a year now. Met a lot of people. A lot of people have been nice. Only been to two placements — a shelter and the home I'm in now — and my caseworker Miss Christina is trying to help me find an adoptive family," Faith said.

Christina McKinney, the children’s social worker, is looking for parents who will give them what they need so badly.

"Someone who's going to love and support me for who I am and not who they want me to be," said Faith.

"I don’t like restrictions. I like a lot of freedom. I like to be able to do the things I find enjoyable like my hobbies," Ricky said.

He calls himself unique.

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Riding shotgun in a swan paddleboat wasn't exactly his idea of fun, but he tried it and also tried a State Fair of Texas staple, Jack's French Frys, during our Wednesday's Child taping.

"The vinegar's pretty good. Makes it a bit saltier," he said with a smile.

Big sister Faith says she loves her little brother very much.

"He's the only person who's never walked out on me. To me, that's very important. I'm always going to be there for him no matter what happens." 

Whether they're learning how to make french fries, or just competing the way siblings do, nothing is more comforting than knowing they get to find a loving home together.

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“Very important. It's like something you need. Kind of like water," Ricky said.

What a relief not to have to walk down this path alone and focus on what's important which is finding a forever family.

Faith says this is what she dreams about.

"Me in a home with a mom and a dad and my little brother."

You must be licensed to foster or adopt in the state of Texas.

Contact LaQueena Warren with CPS and she will forward your information to Faith and Ricky’s caseworker.

If you are not licensed, LaQueena can also help you get the process started. You can email her at laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us or call 817-304-1272.

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