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Two brothers happy to be adopted together; parents thank Wednesday's Child feature

"Because of that video, it allowed us to see how they would be a fun fit with the boys that we had in our family," Julia Perez said.

DALLAS — Here's a terrific update on two brothers WFAA featured in a Wednesday's Child segment three years ago!

It was not easy to get these children adopted together, but their caseworker made it happen. 

WFAA met Ethan and Evan in 2019 at Dino Rock Indoor Rock Climbing in Arlington. At the time, 12-year-old Ethan talked about how much the brothers wanted to be adopted together. 

"I just wanna [sic] be adopted, because I want to live a happy rest of my life," he said during the April 2019 interview. 

Evan, who was 10 years old at the time, told WFAA that he had a special message for the family who adopted them.  

"Thank you for adopting us, and I love you." 

Fast forward more than three years later and WFAA is thrilled to announce Ethan and Evan were adopted two years ago this month! 

When asked if he was happy, Evan answered, "yes." And while pointing to his mother and father, he said he was happy because, “I have these two.” His mother was visibly touched and told him how much they love him.

Julia and Robert Perez adopted Evan and Ethan after seeing WFAA's Wednesday's Child report.  

"Because of that video, it allowed us to see how they would be a fun fit with the boys that we had in our family," Julia Perez said.

The Perez family have adopted eight children, including Ethan and Evan. They showed WFAA a picture of Ethan and Evan from their 'Adoption Day' on July 31, 2020. 

Evan is now 13. His older brother Ethan is 15. Ethan couldn't join WFAA for an interview because he's on a mission trip to Honduras.

"We're proud about his maturity to be able to get to a place to go and do something like this,” Julia said. “ It's a goal that he had, and he reached that goal."

Ethan and Evan were adopted together in a system where siblings are often separated.

"They’re good kids with soft hearts who struggled. It just means a lot to see them grow and having a home that they know they're never going to have to leave,” said their father in an emotional moment. 

The boys continue to be active. In fact, with all of their siblings, Ethan and Evan now have plenty of people to play a game of basketball. 

Evan is even the poster child for an organization that raises international awareness of fostering and adoption. The organization is called StandSunday.org

"Without the Lord, we wouldn't be here," said their father.

No more moving from foster home to foster home. No more having to switch schools constantly. Ethan and Evan are in their forever home where they have direction, discipline and most importantly -- love.  

If you would like to read more Wednesday's Child stories and would like to adopt a child visit wfaa.com/wednesdayschild

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