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Man survives attack with box cutter during deadly crime spree

Todd Lowery says he is "healing very well" after being the first victim in a crime spree that left two others dead.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Editor's note: Some may find the photos of the injuries in this story disturbing.

A victim who survived a deadly crime spree says he believes it was not his time to go after his own close call with death "because I was supposed to die there" - and he has the scars to show it.

Todd Lowery says he is "healing very well" after being the first victim in a crime spree that left two others dead.  

"I heal very fast," he told WFAA. 

Lowery, 52, told police that it was his employee, Chassity Levell Brooks, 38, who launched a surprise attack with a box cutter nearly two weeks ago.

"It was almost like a hug," Lowery described. 

"He had on sort of a soft fluffy coat, or something. He reached around my neck to give me a hug and suddenly, I felt like this drag across me," Lowery added. "I really didn't feel the blade itself."

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After the blade attack, police say cameras recorded Brooks crashing into a game room. The impact killed 45-year-old Jeff Mazurowski. Police say Brooks then drove off and hit and killed 57-year-old Lailani Snell at the bus stop before stealing a vehicle from Jiffy Lube.

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After a pursuit, officers arrested Brooks, but they have still not released a motive for the crime spree nor the attack on Lowery. Brooks is slated to have his initial appearance in Tarrant County court on Monday, Nov. 29. 

"I still, I really don't know why he did it," Lowery admitted.

Especially since Lowery said he hired Brooks to give him a second chance after prison.

Although a business owner now, Lowery shared that in his younger days, he, too, did time for crimes he committed.

"Mine was very different from his, but they're the same in nature, infringing on the law," he admitted.

Credit: Tarrant County Jail
After being arrested several times in his 20's, Todd Lowery says his punishment of doing time behind bars helped turn his life around. He read the Bible to help pass the time when he was locked up.

"The law stopped me," Lowery added. "And I took that as an opportunity to turn my life around."

A life now left with a lot of questions - not only about the attack, but also why God spared his life.

"I am thinking that I am on borrowed time, because I was supposed to die there," Lowery said. "Apparently God wants me to, because I am still here."

Credit: Todd Lowery
Todd Lowery doesn't use pain meds despite the deep scar he has from an attack with a box cutter. The suspect then went on a violent crime spree that left two other people dead.

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