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Internal inquiry reveals man accused of driving drunk, killing Euless police detective had prior DWI arrest

New allegations have come to light against the man who is accused of driving drunk and killing Euless detective Alex Cervantes.

LAKE WORTH, Texas — New allegations have come to light against the man who is accused of driving drunk and killing Euless police detective Alex Cervantes. 

Lake Worth police said Dylan Molina was arrested in neighboring Samson Park for driving while intoxicated prior to the fatal crash.

But those charges are not listed in the Tarrant County district court system.

A growing memorial sits at the crash site where Cervantes was killed in November.

Frantic 911 calls were made into the Lake Worth Police Department. “Boat club and rocky point? Yes, hurry, please. This Jeep came and hit the Impala,” said a 911 caller.

Cervantes was in his Chevy Impala with his wife and two children in the back seat.

Authorities say Molina ran the red light, slamming into family.

“We need an ambulance immediately,” said another 911 caller..

Moments after the fatal crash, Lake Worth officers did a criminal history query on Molina.

“The results showed no prior arrest,” said Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian.

Days later, Lake Worth investigators picked up the case and did an internal query.

“That’s where we discovered this prior assist call,” said Manoushagian.

That prior assist call came from May 16, where Molina was allegedly driving drunk on Lake Worth Boulevard in neighboring Sansom park.

“They were involved in a short pursuit where a suspected intoxicated driver ran a red light,” said Manoushagian.

“The officers believed he was not safely able to operate a vehicle,” said Manoushagian.

“His appearance was disheveled. He wasn’t wearing a shirt,” the police chief said.

According to Lake Worth police’s report, Molina did a field sobriety test, and he couldn’t balance himself and stopped walking.

“Our officer did assist them with a blood draw, we know that a blood specimen was obtained,” said Manoushagian.

After the hospital blood draw, the report says the Sansom police officer took Molina back to their jail facility and booked him for DWI.

But according to the Tarrant County District Court database system, the DWI charge from May is not listed into the system.

“Things we expect to see is a driver’s license suspension. Everything we’ve seen, those things are not in place,” said Manoushagian.

A lot of unanswered questions.

WFAA reached out to the Sansom Park Police Department several times in the last week alone. The department responded by saying the City Manager’s attorney will respond.

Cervantes’ wife remains in critical condition, and family members have not been able to make funeral arrangements yet.


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