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Frisco residents meet with police about recent purse snatching, home invasion crimes

Frisco residents let police know about their worries concerning recent crimes at retail stores and even a home.

FRISCO, Texas — After a series of reported crimes in Frisco, police held a town hall to address residents' concerns Wednesday night. 

In the last month alone, police reported three aggressive purse snatchings at a Walmart, H-E-B and Target, two incidents involving two people ripping jewelry off people’s bodies in broad daylight, and a violent home invasion robbery where a suspect assaulted a family with a weapon, restrained them, and stole their money.

One of the victims in that family spoke at the town hall in tears. 

“We can’t go home,” he cried to police. “We have to stay in a hotel.”

Several other community members expressed their fears doing simple things like holiday shopping or walking their dogs. 

Others asked police about their preferred safety devices like pepper spray and doorbell camera systems.

Police Chief David Shilson told WFAA he knows no town hall will fix everyone's fears but hopes the transparency might make his community feel better. 

“To empower them with some advice and guidance to hopefully help them prevent from being victims in the future,” Shilson said.

Police said an arrest was made in the Walmart purse snatching, but not in the other cases.

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