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Four children removed from home of mother charged in her 3-year-old son's death in Dallas

Lacravivonne Washington's four children were removed by the state after she was arrested for endangering a child.

DALLAS — Four children have been removed from the home of Lacravivonne Washington. She’s mother who claimed her 3-year-old child was shot during a road rage -- but police found no evidence of that.

"[The Department of Family and Protective Services] has removed 4 siblings ages 9, 7, 4 and 2 and they’ve been placed with relatives. The family did have prior DFPS involvement," Paul Zimmerman, a spokesperson for DFPS, said.

Dallas police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened to 3-year-old Jalexus Washington. Police say the child’s mother isn’t cooperating.

”When she was here she declined to talk further to our detectives” said Kristin Lowman, a Dallas police spokesperson.

Sources say police are trying to track her whereabouts and who she talked to before and after the shooting on her cellphone, but the phone was damaged when police confiscated it. 

They are now waiting on records and asking the public for help.

”Sometimes the public thinks that a small piece of information is insignificant but that could be the one piece of information that we need to possibly solve this case,” said Lowman.

Sources also say they have video of Washington at the hospital talking to someone in another vehicle and handing them something.

Initially, she told police her child was shot in a road rage. But police say the evidence doesn’t match that. 

The child was shot in the face at close range.

”Just like any other case we’re going to be following it through and see it to it’s conclusion and to bring justice for this baby,” said Lowman.

According to court documents, the mother told police she owned two weapons.

One was found in the glove compartment of the car. The second one was found in the possession of the child’s father. Sources say they believe that was the weapon involved.

The father was arrested for outstanding warrants and not in connection with this case.

He told police he was at work and rushed to the hospital when he heard what happened.

He’s out on bond. Lacravivonne Washington is still in jail charged with endangering a child for not having her children in car seats and having a gun that was accessible to them that lead to one of their deaths.

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