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'We're trying to be as transparent at possible': Dallas Police launches new use of force database

Chief Eddie Garcia said the interactive database allows the public and DPD to measure police incidents and behavior.

DALLAS — The public now has a new tool to for monitoring police use of force data and incidents across the City of Dallas.

Dallas Police Department revealed its new, interactive, use of force database and report on Thursday.

"You know, it’s the most polarizing issue in American law enforcement, is use of force,” said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Transparency is key when it comes to maintaining trust between law enforcement and the community, according to Garcia. He said bringing the database to the public was an effort that took about two years to complete.

"We’re trying to be as transparent as possible,” Garcia added.

The interactive database will provide details on use of force cases dating back to 2014. The public will find it breaks down data into the subject’s gender, race, age, area the incidents happened and other categories.

DPD administrators said the information will help the public know what’s occurring, and it will help DPD measure if there’s evidence of questionable cultures of policing.

“There’s things in the report that there are disparities in some areas. But the disparity that we did not find, we found that there is no disparate treatment when they utilize force, regardless of race or ethnicity,” Garcia explained.

Some community organizers support making the database accessible to the public.

"It’s a step in the right direction. I think it’s a step towards creating that transparency and that trust in law enforcement and community. So, I agree with it,” said Antong Lucky, President of Urban Specialists.

Additionally, the police department is making a show-of-force database and an officer-involved shooting dashboard available to the public.

Maintaining the databases will become part of the Dallas Police Department’s routine. The chief said data will be updated on the site every quarter.

For more information about the use of force report and database visit their website.

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