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North Texas youth hockey coach dies from complications of COVID-19

Tyler Amburgey, 29, is being remembered as a loving husband, father, hockey player and coach.

DALLAS — Some youth hockey players and fans are mourning the loss of a beloved coach in North Texas.

Tyler Amburgey, 29, died on Aug. 29. His wife, speaking publicly about the tragedy for the first time this week, said he tested positive with COVID-19 at the time of his death.

“It started out like originally like with him getting like call like normal cold symptoms,” said Aimee Amburgey.

Tyler experienced advancing stages of illness over a period of three days, according to his wife. The first night was nausea, then sleeplessness and wheezing. Shortness of breath, congestion and feeling rundown followed.

Amburgey said her husband canceled his hockey practice. Some of his youth players had already been testing positive with the virus.

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Body aches and migraines came. By day three, Amburgey said her husband finally got some rest. 

While the couple’s young daughter, Riley, went out for swim lessons, Amburgey found her husband unresponsive in bed.

“I ended up calling 911,” she said.

A neighbor helped perform CPR. It was too late. 

Amburgey said the medical examiner told her Tyler was positive for COVID-19 at the time of his death. Amburgey said, sleeping pills her husband took for rest didn’t help. She said with COVID, the medicine compromised Tyler’s oxygen levels. 

“He was a great guy, and loving husband and a loving father,” said Amburgey.

Tyler Amburgey’s former hockey team, The Peoria Rivermen, is planning a memorial service for him Saturday, Sept. 12. 

Aimee Amburgey said she knows her husband wanted so much for his family and his youth players. 

"I just want him to be remembered for more than just a person that… passed away from COVID,” said Amburgey.

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