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Keeping kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak isn't easy. These moms are here to help.

With most area schools closed at least two more weeks, keeping kids home won’t be easy. This group of moms is here to help.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Keeping your kids at home as schools remain closed because of the global coronavirus outbreak isn’t easy. That’s why Fort Worth Moms put together its "Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus School Break" on its website.

The post links to more than 100 articles that cover everything from fending off boredom, keeping schoolwork on track, clever kitchen ideas and the importance of taking time for your own mental health, according to Emily Youree, Fort Worth Moms owner and CEO.

“We even talk about discipline and structure because the kids are home all the time,” Youree said. 

The post also helps parents make and print their own schedules, which Youree said is more effective than one you keep on a smartphone.

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“Everybody in the family can see it,” Youree said. “Really, the printed schedule is for the benefit of the kiddos.”

With schools, establishments and libraries closed and parks empty as parents try to avoid large groups of kids, options are limited. The weather isn’t helping, according to Joyce Schmizer, who took her grandkids fishing in Lake Arlington while they had the chance.

“It’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week,” Schmizer said.

She’s watching the grandkids while their mother works. She tells WFAA she has a few activities planned, but their schools are closed until March 30th.

“Two weeks is a long time,” Schmizer said. “We’re still going to have to sit down and figure things out.”

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Youree believes that’s a best-case scenario.

“We all sort of have the idea that it’s going to be a lot longer than two weeks," Youree said.

The longer the stretch, the harder it’s likely to get, but Youree says your kids are counting on you, and so is everyone else.

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“This is going to be hard but we can do it,” Youree said. “And what a great message and model and example this is for our kids. We are making these choices because we care about our community and we should be proud of that and let that be the motivation for us to get through these hard days."

Click here to see the group’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus School Break.

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