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Students return to class at Timberview High School for first day since last week’s school shooting

Many students told WFAA they want things to get back to normal. They’re still in shock and trying to keep motivated.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Mansfield Timberview High School students in Arlington returned to class for the first time Tuesday after last week’s school shooting. Four people were shot, including a 25-year-old English teacher and a 15-year-old student involved in a fight before the shooting. WFAA heard from students about how the first day back in class went.

Many students told WFAA they want things to get back to normal. They’re still in shock and trying to keep motivated. Today was about having conversations and talking to students about what’s on their minds.

“They gave us wrist bands, it says 'Timberview Strong,'" said Aaron Delagarza, a senior at Timberview High School.

Delagarza said school officials are trying to set a positive mindset for students at Timberview.

“They had counselors...all over the halls. Some officers and state troopers,” Delagarza said.

All throughout the day, WFAA saw Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and other officers monitoring the parking lot.

Teachers from other schools even showed up to greet students and make them feel comfortable by seeing familiar faces.

“I saw teachers from my previous schools. All the way down to elementary," Delagarza said.

School officials were also asking students for input about what changes need to be made, whether that is changing to different locks to adding metal detectors to getting more security. All of that input will then go to the school board for review.

Last Wednesday morning, Arlington police say a fight broke out between two students, and 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins pulled out a gun and shot 15-year-old Zacchaeus Selby, and injured two others.

Delagarza was in English class when his teacher Calvin Pettit ran out to help break up the fight and was shot.

The 25-year-old teacher, being hailed a hero by students, has been released from the hospital.

“He left a note on the whiteboard. He was saying he’s proud of us for doing good in a situation like this,” Delagarza said.

And, feet away from where the shooting happened, was Delagarza’s girlfriend, senior Torrie Thompson. She said she felt reluctant to head back to school today.

“I didn’t really want to go, but it’s education. They have counselors in the library that will be there all week,” Thompson said.

Thompson and Delagarza want students to know there is help out there.

“Stay strong, and work through it,” Delagarza said.

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