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Suspect in Methodist Hospital shooting was arrested by Dallas Police in March and Carrollton Police in June

Law enforcement sources confirm to WFAA that Nestor Hernandez was arrested twice this year while out on parole.

CARROLLTON, Texas — Nestor Hernandez was arrested twice this year while out on parole, law enforcement sources confirm to WFAA.

Dallas Police arrested Hernandez, the man charged with capital murder in Saturday's Methodist Hospital shooting, on March 9 for a parole violation during a minor accident investigation. He was released to his parole officer in April, Dallas Police said.

Carrollton Police tell WFAA that its officers also arrested Nestor Hernandez in June. 

On June 17, two Carrollton Police officers observed and recognized Hernandez walking though the parking lot of an apartment building located at 1910 S. Josey Lane while they were working a separate drug case. Officers were aware of a "full extradition warrant" for Hernandez from the Texas Pardon and Parole Board. The officers approached and detained Hernandez, who verbally identified himself to police. 

Credit: Carrollton Police Department
Nestor Hernandez -- June 17, 2022 mugshot from Carrollton Police Department

The officers then ran a warrant check with dispatch to confirm his status and arrested him. Before placing him in their police car, officers said, Hernandez intentionally headbutted the vehicle, causing a "slight dent."

He was booked into Carrollton jail without incident, then released to his parole officer, who booked him into Dallas County Jail. He was then transferred into the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and released again in September with an ankle monitor.

Officials with the TDCJ confirmed on Tuesday that Hernandez was arrested on a pre-revocation warrant in June for not complying with his ankle monitor requirements. They did not disclose how he violated the requirements.

When his case was presented to the state parole board on June 28, a panel decided to re-incarcerate him in a "secure Intermediate Sanction Facility," officials said.

Hernandez spent a total of 100 days in county jail and the state's Intermediate Sanction Facility before he was released, the TDCJ officials said.

According to the TDCJ, Hernandez was previously released for parole on his eight-year 2015 aggravated robbery sentence on October 21, 2021, with a special condition of electronic ankle monitoring.

TDCJ also confirmed that Hernandez was "granted permission to be at the hospital with his significant other during delivery [of their child]."

According to his arrest warrant from Dallas Police, Hernandez then began "acting strangely" at the hospital and accused his girlfriend of cheating on him. The suspect started searching the room to see if anyone else was in there, according to the warrant. Hernandez then pulled out a handgun and hit his girlfriend multiple times in the head with it, the affidavit said.

Per the warrant, Hernandez then started making "ominous" calls and text messages to his family, and told his girlfriend, "We are both going to die today" and "whoever comes in this room is going to die with us."

The warrant stated that the first victim, Jacqueline Pokuaa, then entered the room and was fatally shot by Hernandez. According to the warrant, the second victim, Annette Flowers, and Methodist Hospital police officer Sgt. Robert Rangel were in the hallway and heard the gunshot. The warrant stated that Flowers then looked into the room to see the first victim's body, and was also fatally shot by Hernandez.

Sgt. Rangel then took cover and shot Hernandez in the right leg, according to the warrant.

Hernandez was then detained and taken to another hospital for treatment. He has since been charged with capital murder.

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