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Right on the Money: If you sent in a paper tax return, it might take longer to get a refund

The Internal Revenue Service said it's not processing paper returns because many of the tax workers are not in the office.

DALLAS — Even though the tax deadline has been pushed back to July, chances are if you were due a refund, you may have already filed. 

If you sent in a paper tax return, that refund may not be coming any time soon. The Internal Revenue Service is not processing paper because many of tax workers are not in the office. 

But if you did file that way, the agency cautions you not to file again electronically. Click here for more information.

The IRS is still handling electronic returns. In fact, as of early April, the agency reported it had already sent out $213 billion in refunds. 

But they didn’t address whether that process is taking longer. Some taxpayers have complained that they did their taxes electronically, but that their refunds aren’t arriving by their estimated dates. 

The IRS did not return a call for comment.

Small business assistance

So, you're a small business that got the loan. But how do you keep from having to pay it back? 

Those Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for small businesses that can be forgiven if firms keep workers on the payroll may not be as simple as they sound.  In fact, some very smart people at the American Institute of CPAs published a 5-step guide to advise business owners on how to make sure these loans indeed become free money. 

For instance, they say a separate PPP bank account might help businesses keep better track of the funds. Forbes published some additional thoughts and resources business owners may want to consider.

How the workplace might change

The economy is opening back up in many parts of the country. But going to work may be a whole different experience for returning employees. 

Get ready for standing meetings in the conference room, taller cubicles, and no more face-to-face desk configurations. Also, expect some jobs that have been lost to stay unfilled…and for many employees to continue doing part or all of their work from home. 

Those are just some of the predictions in a fascinating new episode of our Y’all-itics podcast, focusing on the challenges businesses face as they reopen…and the long-term changes many businesses will make post COVID-19.

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